The Friend I Wish I Had

Book review of: Living UnbrokenReclaiming Your Life and Your Heart After Divorce By: Tracie Miles

When my marriage fell apart, I felt completely alone. The shame and guilt of following in my parents’ footsteps and dragging my children through a divorce were crushing. Because I was successful in other areas of my life, I felt like such a failure that my marriage ended. I was embarrassed and wanted to hide. How could I show my face? I felt discarded and rejected. I felt like I was lacking and not good enough. I was terrified of being a single mother and doing life alone. I feared the judgment and the labels that would be placed on me. I felt small and unsure. I felt like with the looming fear of the unknown, life wasn’t worth living.

While I did find Jesus, started going to church, enrolled in DivorceCare, and did experience healing, I wish I had a book like Living Unbroken. I wish I could have curled up on the couch in my loneliness and listened to the wisdom of someone who had recently walked in my shoes. I wish I would have had a friend like Tracie at my disposal, sharing that what I was feeling was totally normal and totally temporary. I wish I would have had the Biblical encouragement she provides—the scriptures and the promises of God--relating to my very circumstance. I wish I would have been introduced to the growth opportunities she suggests at the end of each chapter through her Happiness Prompters, Healing Steps, and Caring For You sections.

It’s been four years since my divorce. Although I have experienced healing and have since remarried, Living Unbroken still ministered to me. With the turn of each page, I revisited my divorce journey. As if with new eyes, I was able to see how God had miraculously carried me through. Through Tracie’s skilled incorporation of research and statistics, I found closure in the scientific explanations behind my behaviors. Her beautiful words of encouragement and Biblically-based truth brought a peace to my heart. Her words felt like the warm hugs I needed.

With so few Christian books on the topic of divorce, Tracie MilesLiving Unbroken is a must-read for anyone walking through separation or divorce. A prominent woman of faith and well-known writer for Proverbs31 Ministries, Tracie steps off the pedestal we may have placed her on and relates to her readers through her honest struggles and mistakes. Tracie does a wonderful job of helping her readers to feel seen, heard, and understood. And with love and genuine concern, Tracie extends a hand to her audience, encouraging them to take daily steps to walk in the truth of God’s promises.

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Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.